The orientation of the company focuses on developing projects in the following specialties:

Projects for Electrical Installations;

  • Power distribution networks in medium and low voltage, transformer stations and sectioning, infrastructure networks, power and control equipment, networks of land, generators and lightning rods;
  • Projects of interior and exterior lighting;
  • Video intercom installations, intercom and sound systems;
  • Home automation with the main action in the control of lighting, technical comfort and automatic irrigation.


Installation Projects Telecommunications (ITED / ITUR);

  • Telephone infrastructures (ITED), PABX and equipment;
  • External infrastructure of telecommunications (ITUR);
  • Data networks, voice and data networks (LANs, WANs), active and passive equipment, structured cabling;
  • Distribution networks signal cable and satellite;




Projects Fire Safety and intrusion;

  • Detection and extinguishing system;
  • Installation of carbon monoxide detection, smoke control;
  • Facilities intrusion detection, remote surveillance (CCTV), access control;
  • Compartmentation fire, signage, escape routes and fire extinguishers.


Technical Project Management;

  • Installation of power management commands and controls equipment.


Opinions and analysis projects;

  • Analysis of projects with technical advice and substantiated in accordance with the technical rules.



In order to concentrate all specialties, promoting better responsiveness and coordination of the various phases of the project, the FNT develops a final and complete product engineering and architecture, through partnerships with technicians and consultants with proven experience, we spent quote:

  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • Climate Control Systems (Ventilation of Mechanical / HVAC - RSECE)
  • Thermal Behavior
  • Hydraulics (Waters and Sanitation)
  • Acoustics
  • Gas

We have also partnered with a company of electrical installations on the market for several years, in order to provide our client budgeting and execution of electrical projects.